Zola turned one, Happy Birthday!

Discussion in 'Cane Corso' started by kguitarchic18, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. kguitarchic18

    kguitarchic18 Well-Known Member

    Zola turned one back in July.... I tried to get a few shots outside, and realized the pretty bow I added to her collar really looked funny and shes growled hearing the neighbor dogs. BUT I did get a funny wink shot, love this girl, she brings absolute joy.

    Shes such a good dog, aside from the fact that she tore up her crate tray for the third time. And while loose at my moms, she pulled the wood off her toy bin and chewed it to shreds. Awww shes grown up but still a puppy.

    zola2.jpg Zola.jpg
  2. Pele

    Pele Member

    She's a cutie winking ;)
  3. Mag-Pie

    Mag-Pie Well-Known Member

    Love the wink, great shot. She's such a beauty. Happy belated Birthday to Zola! :)
  4. musicdeb

    musicdeb Well-Known Member

    Late Happy Birthday, Zola!
  5. kguitarchic18

    kguitarchic18 Well-Known Member

    thanks everyone!
  6. QY10

    QY10 Well-Known Member

    She's such a beauty! Happy belated birthday, Zola!
  7. fdchampion

    fdchampion Well-Known Member

    Happy Birthday Zola! LOVE the wink shot...awesome!!

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