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Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by bigbee126, May 2, 2013.

  1. bigbee126

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  2. Cody

    Cody Active Member

    Personally wouldn't.
  3. Kelly

    Kelly Active Member

    why not? looking at the site im not seeing red flags. looks like the health test. just dont have pedigrees posted. Oh, but they do have a LOT of dogs..
  4. jcook

    jcook New Member

    I'm wouldn't either. I'm just not all that impressed with any of their dogs. But that's just my personal opinion.
  5. Smokeycat

    Smokeycat Well-Known Member

    What they say and show don't match. They state that they don't crop ears because natural are allowed in the ring but all of their dogs/bitches have cropped ears. Makes me wonder what else doesn't match.
  6. jersey girl

    jersey girl New Member

    I don't care for the look of these Corso's. Many breeders will crop their show dogs ears, but will leave ear the cropping of the puppy up to the new owner. I don't like the ear crop on the dogs either.
  7. Cody

    Cody Active Member

    One big flag for me is their past. They sold a breeding bitch to a kennel that was well known to be plagued with epilepsy years ago. They may have changed, but there are too many "better" breeders out there. For the amount they produce I do not see their dogs showing or working. They have no titles on dogs that they are breeding, and only some have their hip scores. They are selling pups off the ancestors of the dogs they have, not the dogs themselves. I believe that they are linked with a European kennel, off hand I can't remember who. I knew a while ago but is information that doesn't really matter to me as I don't have a lot (any) interest in them so I forgot :) I am sure I could find out with a little digging but... The dogs that they have that have conformation titles are all in Europe, not in NA. Too each their own, but they are not a kennel I would consider recommending.
  8. Beaubailey

    Beaubailey New Member

    I got a few months old dog from Borealis. There are problems. Not everything they said was correct. The biggest issue - apparently most of the dogs are in kennels outside. Housetraining a dog that has been left outside for most of its life is EXTREMELY hard to house train. So the statement that all dogs are raised in the house is simply not true. Really bad form by Borealis.

    I can not recommend them.
  9. Tiger12490

    Tiger12490 New Member

    There dogs dont all look alike which to me is a flag...

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  10. john john

    john john New Member

    Do not recommend borealis i bought a 4month old male dog was skittish and obviously was never raise in a house olga is only about money this is y she has a litter every 3-4 months i do not recommend this breeder!!
  11. Beaubailey

    Beaubailey New Member

    I have several rescue dogs - but my female Cane Corso from Borealis has been a nightmare and financial drain. I have never had such problems like I have with her. I ended up at a Veterinarian behavioral specialist - $300- walking through the door. The dog was put on medication. She had been EXTREMELY destructive, and soiling in the bedroom, where she is during the day - I did not dare leave her in the house, as she would destroy and eliminate. The destruction - tearing things to shreds, apart, including biting holes in the walls and floor!!!!
    The Veterinarian diagnosed severe anxiety. After a month on medication my female appeared to slowly get better. Still accidents in the bedroom, but the destruction stopped. She has been on meds for 4 months now. The past 2 weeks, still on medication, it seems to have picked up again. And this evening I come home and find that one of the dogs urinated in my bed. She is the only one who has ever done this before.
    I am beside myself. I will drop off a urine sample with the Vet, but I suspect there is nothing wrong. I have run out of money and options. I will see if the Vet Behavioral specialist can do a phone consultation. I think there something very mentally wrong with this dog. And I think I will end up having to put her down.

    Borealis Cane Corso and breeder Olga is not any better than a puppy mill. There something VERY wrong when people end up having similar negative experiences with their dogs from this breeder.
  12. Mickey92081

    Mickey92081 New Member

    I have a completely different opinion than the others on this post. I've had great success--I purchased 2 dogs from Olga, 2 years apart. Our first female dog was skittish when we got her but after following Olga's instructions on socializing her and enrolling her in puppy training classes, things really turned around. Training the dogs was a breeze--they are very smart and responsive. My male dog was not skittish at all and was immediately comfortable in his new home and surroundings. They both have been absolutely wonderful with our children. The female is a perfect mix of guardian and companion. The male is very playful and friendly with people and other dogs.

    Olga was very helpful in the beginning when we had questions, she always got back to us immediately. We still keep in touch with her til this day(5years and counting). She always assured us if the dogs were not a fit for our family, she would take them back and refund our money.

    Bottom line, we've had great success and have recommended her to friends and family who all have dogs and are pleased.
  13. AKBull

    AKBull Super Moderator Staff Member

    What brought you to the board, Mickey?
  14. BlackShadowCaneCorso

    BlackShadowCaneCorso Super Moderator Staff Member

    Yes, curious too
  15. GuardedbySapphire

    GuardedbySapphire New Member

    I also have nothing but good things to say about my dealings and dog from Olga. She has been very supportive for over a year, some are stating their opinions based on pictures. If you never visited, seen the dogs or interacted with them just doesn't seem fair, you must just be a expert. My dog from Olga was my first Corso and I made sure I had plenty of time to insure I ended up with a properly trained and socialized dog. Someone that has had rescues and then has issues with another dog without giving info on the problem dog seems like they don't know how to train/manage a dog. Apparently someone else trained those rescues!
  16. cinnamon roll

    cinnamon roll Super Moderator Super Mod

  17. GuardedbySapphire

    GuardedbySapphire New Member

  18. BlackShadowCaneCorso

    BlackShadowCaneCorso Super Moderator Staff Member

    I am curious if the dog from Borealis that you are talking about here was a rescue or if you purchased one after having dealt with rescues before, just want to be clear on how you got the dog that carries this kennel name.

    I am glad that you have had a great experience with your breeder but you are not the only one to be allowed to post your experiences with a breeder, and the others that have dogs from them do not have a favorable experience. You don't get to diminish their experiences just because they were different that yours.

    As for giving an opinion based on pictures or websites that is every member's here prerogative. There are more than a few on this page with a couple of years experience that are used to looking at sites and seeing things that would be flags to them. Someone asked about this breeder and those with experience gave their reasons why they would not select this kennel, even if it was just they don't like the appearance of these dogs. They are entitle to their opinions and those that have actual experiences with the breeder certainly have more than just a casual opinion based off pictures.
  19. bmc

    bmc New Member

    BUYER BEWARE: Do NOT get a dog from Olga. WHAT breeder poses as a RESCUE to sell off pups she can't sell? I even have the quasi fake paperwork and emails from her and her pretense to act as a rescue! She works with one of the local animal shelter there to have someone post ads in petfinder as a rescue dog but the contact info goes to her. The rescue dog I was looking at was about 5 months, not spayed, ears cropped!

    Anyhow I should have seen the red flags when i drove nearly 6 hours to get there and got lost and asked a few neighbours around the area if they knew her. They all gave me that bad feeling. Anyhow as I got there there were MULTIPLE dogs in outdoor kennels I would estimate that I counted about 10 that I could see in sight. The dog I was going to "adopt" was inside the house but as I questioned Olga, she indicated that she had only brought her in to clean her up for me. She was extremely skittish and fearful and basically shaking as though the world was the scariest thing she had ever experienced. Anyhow I couldn't leave her behind after seeing her like this, I knew she was going back outside if I didnt take her. She had cuts and scrapes all over her face, bite marks and etc and when asked about it, she indicated it from fighting with the other female in the kennel. I heard a few dogs inside the house too but they were behind locked doors. I paid 350 USD for her for the "adoption fee"

    My corso is still with me today, shes the most fearful dog I have ever met. I have spent countless money on training her to walk on a lead and not to run away as she was fearful, even of her own shadow. Luckily I already had a male rescue corso who she relies on heavily and helps me to train her. Now after 3 years of constant training shes still skittish of her own shadow but definitely more trusting of humans.

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