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  1. nick S

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    Hey everybody,
    Hoping somebody on here can help me out.
    Getting my 8 week old cane corso in 3 weeks
    Once i get him i planned on getting him on a raw + Kibble diet.
    Any suggestions on kibbles and what kind of raw meat to feed?
    Any help is greatly appreciated
  2. Francesca

    Francesca New Member

  3. For unbiased reviews on kibble, you can go to . Personally, I rotate between Canidae, Acana, and Merrick. I usually add vegetables and some kind of meat to supplement it. I heard that daily fresh vegetables can reduce the risk of cancer, and sardines are a good meat to add because of the Omega 3's.
  4. DennasMom

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    As long as the kibble makes up 75% of the diet, you can add whatever "adders" you want. Any fresh, raw, meat except Pacific Salmon (wild salmon might have a parasite harmful to dogs), whole cuts are better than ground, veggies are pretty much for fun and fiber... not a lot of nutrition unless they're well blended to make them digestible. I have seen at least one study that says added veggies might reduce certain cancer risks, and my dog loves veggies, so she gets lots of them. :)

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