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dogue de bordeaux

  1. Marissa

    8 Month Dogue De Bordeaux Throwing Up?

    We have an 8 month old dogue de bordeaux, he started throwing up mucus/blood a few times so we took him into an emergency vet. They did not give us any answers as to what could’ve happened. They prescribed him 3 medications: a GI protectant, an anti nausea and an ulcer treatment. After 3 days...
  2. Thor82

    Looking to Adopt a new family member

    Hello everyone, I'm new here, but not new to Mastiffs. I lost my Mastiff back in February and am looking to add another to my family. My Kodiak was a beautiful 150 lb Fawn English. I have found one I think is beautiful, but it's about an 8 hour drive away and hoping maybe you guys could help me...
  3. B

    Chances of extreme underbite? Help!

    I have a Bordeaux couple who had puppies 4 months ago. We didn't expect it to happen, since we usually separate them when the female is rutting. The father has an extreme underbite, showing his teeth all the time. We kept one of the puppies. I noticed it has the same alignment of his teeth as...
  4. L

    breeder info DDB

    Hi after years of waiting we are finally in a position to get my dream dog. we have a puppy coming from nw colossal bordeaux in Oregon. The babies aren't due until December but I was wondering if anyone had any experience with our breeder? We have done a lot of research and so far we love...
  5. Simba_ddb


    Hi everyone long time and no posting but still loving the forum. Thought I would post a update on our gorgeous boy. Simba is going to be 2 at the end of the month, and boy have we had the terrible twos. Typical stubborn ddb with lots of attitude, hopefully coming out of it soon. We have had...
  6. D

    Dogue de Bordeaux in California

    Hi, I am from California. I currently own 2 beautiful Dogue de Bordeaux, one is Rusty at age 22 months, and my newest Arya 13 weeks. I love reading this forum and looking at all the wonderful family members!
  7. D


    Hello all, rather than post this thread in FB groups for Dogues, I thought it made more sense to share/get opinions here. Our boy is 1 1/2 and I am still on the fence about taking his manhood. If we were to neuter him, it wouldn't be until he was at least 2 1/2 or 3 because of the rate at...
  8. Masong11

    TIME LAPSE box destruction. (VIDEO)

    Apollo is at it again!
  9. Masong11

    -1 DEGREE! Why won't anyone come out and PLAY WITH ME!

  10. Masong11

    So this is his favorite toy, REALLY?

    Out of all the toys Apollo can choose from to play with he prefers a box. FYI, Apollo is now 14 months.
  11. Premiere Roux

    Hot Springs Dog Show

    I wanted to share with my fellow Dogue de Bordeaux lovers a new mileston for newest baby girl Briggs. At 9 months and 1 week old, she took second place puppy in the 9-12 month bitch class at the AKC Hot Springs, AR dog show the last weekend in September! This was her very first time in the ring...
  12. Masong11

    Little dog tries to DOMINATE but....(VIDEO)

    I flew back to San Diego for the weekend and ended up coming back with another dog. It was in a bad situation, left in a kennel with a mussle all day long for the last 6 months so I decided to rescue it. I am currently trying to find it a good home. Mean while, Apollo has a friend. He tried to...
  13. KMD

    AKC/ANKC Tracking with a Dogue De Bordeaux

    I was already starting my English Staffy on tracking training (because we've got some amazing trackers locally who are willing to train us) and so when my DDB puppy Barrett arrived, I decided that she may as well join in the fun. There definitely hasn't been a DDB tracking competitively in my...
  14. Masong11

    The RARE RED wild boar spotted!

  15. KMD

    Hi from New Member

    Hi, This is my DDB girl Barrett. She is my first mastiff and second ever fur baby.
  16. Cariadlyn

    Hi everyone. I'm Teddy's mum and we're new here

    Hello. I live in North Wales (UK) with my partner & 2 dogs. We adopted Teddy, a neglected Bullmastiff/DDB cross, a year ago when he was 6 months old. His 'sister' Maggie, a rescued Staffie cross, befriended him while she was in boarding & insisted we bring her 'new puppy' home with her. Since...
  17. Masong11

    Photo bomb!!

    Apollo's photo bomb on our way to Denver!
  18. Gian

    Hey everyone meet Beau!

    I just got my beautiful male ddb Beau. Finally after a year of waiting I have found my little bud. He is about to turn 12 weeks old and I am as happy as can be with him :D even when he wakes me up at 4 am :p. My family and I have had quite a number of large dogs from lab, Rottweilers, to fila...
  19. naomi

    ddb humping

    My 3 month old ddb has been humping a teddy for 2 weeks or more he does it a lot I read that it's a dominance thing should I leave him to it or take teddy away as like I said he does it a awful lot and think if he's doing it for dominance than shouldn't I stop this behaviour before he moves on...
  20. T

    Hello from New Zealand

    Just found this forum and as a new Dogue de Bordeaux owner I thought it would be a useful resource and a way to connect with other owners of mastiffs and DDB. Our Dogues are both rescues - brother and sister and are around 10 months old. The male is 53kg and the female is 46kg and appear to...